OncoCellMDx is a privately held company dedicated to the development, and commercialization of novel diagnostic tests utilizing proprietary technologies created at Harvard Medical School. In particular, we have developed a noninvasive blood-based immuno-genomic assays that will aid the physician to better understand the underlying pathology. The first product is for assessing the severity of prostate cancer. Other oncology indications as well as non-oncology indications are part of our pipeline.

The assay is based on examining specific transcription levels between phagocytic and non-phagocytic cells. This proprietary technology and algorithm has allowed us to not only detect disease but to also, and more importantly, guide the physician as to the grade and aggressiveness of the disease.

Our mission is to provide clinicians with quantifiable results that allows professionals to make timely and much more directed medical decisions.




Located in Michigan, our lab has been successful with completing discovery studies amounting to thousands of patients.  OncoCellMDx has created a commercial platform that is undergoing validation studies using various sites located across the United States.