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A Message from the President and CEO

At OncoCell MDx, we are answering the challenge of putting more in-depth information about disease pathology into physician and patient hands by delivering tools that optimally stratify disease. The company was founded around an immunogenomic platform invented at Harvard Medical School, in which gene expression patterns of white blood cells are interrogated after a noninvasive blood draw is taken from a patient. Leveraging a proprietary algorithm, the assay provides real surveillance of immune response changes, identifies the cause of disease, and filters out non-relevant noise. Our mission is to help patients live higher quality lives by providing highly accurate, less painful ways to screen, diagnose, and monitor prostate cancer and other diseases.  

I joined OncoCell MDx in late April with the goal to leverage my expertise in cancer, genetics, molecular diagnostics and team building to create a special company. I’m here with some of the best respected names in diagnostics and in oncology. I was fortunate to bring over Chris Thibodeau to the team earlier this month, along with Dr. Kirk Wojno, a key opinion leader in prostate cancer diagnosis. Marc Stapley just joined our Board of Directors, and Geff Erickson, a Founder and longtime contributor to the company, will be staying on to lead Corporate Development and investor outreach. I look forward to working together with my team to make a global impact addressing clinical, operational and cost issues in disease diagnosis.

In the coming year, we will launch our first product, a unique assay that uses a simple blood draw to detect, grade and understand the aggressiveness of prostate cancer. Our goal is to immediately reduce the frequency of – and eventually replace – invasive, expensive and imprecise diagnostic procedures. We endeavor to help physicians make better and more timely decisions about who and how to treat, preclude over treatment, potentially reduce deaths related to under treatment, and ultimately enhance the effectiveness of treatment. In so doing, we aim to give patients their lives back. And while our approach is to always prioritize the highest value immediate opportunity, we’re also leveraging the platform to develop new assays for other cancers and disease. We’ve amassed a broad IP portfolio, including rights from Harvard to 45 issued patents and more than 100 pending applications in the United States and internationally. These issued and pending patents cover various aspects of our technology in numerous clinical indications including cancer, cardiovascular, infectious, and neurodegenerative disease, and immune- and kidney-related diseases.

To make manifest our mission to develop and deliver transformational solutions that improve lives, we need dedicated, engaged people organized around an audacious purpose and game changing technology. We have that here at OncoCell MDx and I’m privileged and excited to lead this highly skilled, highly motivated team into our next stage of clinical and corporate development.

I look forward to keeping you apprised of our progress.



OncoCell MDx Prepares for Commercialization with Appointment of Christopher Thibodeau as Chief Operating Officer

ROYAL OAK, Mich., – July 9, 2019 – OncoCell MDx, an immunogenomics platform company specializing in the delivery of novel, noninvasive molecular diagnostic assays, today announced the appointment of Christopher Thibodeau as its Chief Operating Officer. He joins Mark McDonough, recently appointed as OncoCell’s President, Chief Executive Officer and member of the Board of Directors, in strengthening the company’s executive leadership team.

“OncoCell continues to build a world class management team as we develop our pipeline of noninvasive assays and drive toward commercialization,” said Mark McDonough, President and CEO of OncoCell MDx. “Christopher is a proven commercial operator with an impressive record of leading successful product launches, both domestically and internationally. He has an outstanding reputation within the molecular diagnostics industry, and especially within the urology community, where we will launch our first immunogenomics test for prostate cancer.”

Christopher has more than 25 years of successful commercial operations experience. He most recently served as Chief Operating Officer for MDxHealth, a publicly traded multi-national molecular diagnostics company that specializes in epigenetic testing solutions for urologic oncology. He was responsible for establishing the company’s commercial operations and led the team that developed, validated and launched the company’s first prostate cancer test. Chris led initiatives to navigate the MolDX program to capture Medicare coverage, gain NCCN Guideline inclusion, obtain a unique CPT billing code, and secure broad reimbursement coverage while driving market adoption with over 4,000 urologists across the US. Previously, Christopher held various leadership positions at Agendia, Numira Biosciences, US LABS (LabCorp) and Ventana Medical Systems (Roche).

“OncoCell has developed a unique non-invasive assay leveraging an immunogenomics platform developed at Harvard Medical School that has potential to significantly improve the way cancer and neuro degenerative disease is managed. I am excited to join the team in addressing a significant unmet need for oncologists, urologists and their patients,” stated Christopher Thibodeau. “In prostate cancer, where there is ongoing controversy on prostate cancer screening and overtreatment, Active Surveillance is one of the fastest growing patient management pathways for men with early stage disease. Unfortunately, monitoring tools available to urologists today carry a high cost, morbidity and leave patients at risk for disease progression. OncoCell’s proprietary noninvasive blood test, which can be used to set a baseline and then monitor patients annually, will help urologists improve patient care and overall outcomes.”

About OncoCell MDx

OncoCell MDx is a privately held company developing and commercializing novel diagnostic tests utilizing proprietary technologies created at Harvard Medical School. The company’s noninvasive blood-based immunogenomic assays are designed to aid physicians to better understand underlying disease pathology in prostate cancer and other oncology and non-oncology indications. For more information about OncoCell MDx and its technology, visit:

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OncoCell MDx Announces Mark McDonough as New President & Chief Executive Officer

Royal Oak, Mich. (April 30, 2019) – OncoCell MDx, a company developing novel noninvasive diagnostic and prognostic tests by harnessing the power of the immune system, today announced the appointment of Mark McDonough as its president, chief executive officer (CEO) and member of the Board of Directors. McDonough succeeds company co-founder, investor and Chairman/CEO Harry Stylli, Ph.D. Stylli continues as the executive chairman of the company.

“Since OncoCell’s founding, we have built an outstanding research and development capability and advanced a proprietary platform that exploits the power of the immune system and machine learning to non-invasively identify robust disease signatures for many pathologies. Although the platform has the capability to target any analyte, we chose to exploit gene expression. To date we have analyzed about 2,000 patient samples to identify a unique immunogenomic signature that can discriminate subjects with indolent and aggressive prostate cancer from normal controls. With the presentation of promising results from our recent study at the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting, we demonstrated the potential of our technology to aid in early detection and progression of disease pathology,” said Stylli.

“Mark has an outstanding track record in generating significant value at both large and small companies in the molecular diagnostics field and especially for companies like ours that are approaching commercialization,” he added. “I’m excited that he will lead OncoCell MDx in our mission to bring novel technologies to market that help physicians better manage patients with prostate cancer and other pathologies.”

McDonough most recently served as the chief business officer at Phosphorus, a genomic health company, where he helped increase the company’s revenue by more than tenfold in less than a year. Prior to joining Phosphorus, McDonough served as chief executive officer and president of CombiMatrix, a publicly held molecular diagnostics company performing DNA-based testing services for reproductive health and developmental disorders, through its acquisition by Invitae Corp. He also held executive and management positions with US LABS (acquired by LabCorp) and Ventana Medical Systems (acquired by Roche) as well as Pathwork Diagnostics.

“OncoCell’s platform facilitates not just detection, but also grading and aggressiveness of disease, leading to more timely and better directed medical decision making. I’m inspired by the company’s potential to improve the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of patient care, and I’m humbled to lead what is already a very strong team into our next stage of clinical and corporate development,” McDonough said. “I would like to thank the Board and Harry Stylli for the opportunity to build on the company’s successes and momentum as we continue to move OncoCell MDx forward.”

McDonough is currently an advisor for Phosphorus and Natal Health. He is a former navigator in the U.S. Navy and holds a B.S. in Finance from Miami University.

About OncoCell MDx

OncoCell MDx is a privately held company developing and commercializing novel diagnostic tests utilizing proprietary technologies created at Harvard Medical School.  The company’s noninvasive blood-based immunogenomic assays are designed to aid physicians to better